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Mobile phone games designed for Dogs

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)

Entertaining your dog can be a really difficult task but their easier ways to entertain them for example mobile games. This alternative has its challenges but the mobile games for dogs are family friendly. Anyway, below are the best mobile games designed for dogs.

1. FeeDog

FeeDog is an adorable game where you find dogs, watch them grow, feed them and play. You should as well protect your dog from ghosts. The translations are a little rough on this game, although, the mechanics of this game seem simple. This game can be addictive and it’s baby friendly.

It is recommended that you do short play sessions. You should be careful when allow the kids to play. You can download this game on Google play store. 

Price: Free

2. AiKo

This application features;

  • Mini games.
  • Decorating rooms and yards.
  • Unlocking and customizing characters.
  • Feeding and taking care of the characters and other stuff you will find in games of this type.
  • It uses animation style and it is a cute game for dogs.
  • It is enjoyable since there are a lot of things to do on the app

You can download it on Google play store.

Price: Free

3. Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja is another pet style mobile game with people. Here you train, play around and take care of the person.

This game features;

  • A variety of mini-games
  • Customizing the character
  • A few challenges to complete.
  • You tie the balloons to the character and then you make him float.

There are some permissions you have to grant the game and also an occasional bug, that you don’t have to worry about because there is nothing too offensive.

You can download this game on Google play store.

Price: Free

4. Cthulhu Virtual Pet

This game provides you with your own little Cthulhu to train and take care. You only do the usual things like feeding and taking care of the Cthulhu and overtime it will become an adult.

  • Some of Cthulhu features include;
  • Five mini-games
  • 8-bit graphic style.
  • It is a little bit slow but there are a variety of ways to solve this like setting your phone’s clock forward.

Always remember to pray for your character in order to keep it happy. You can download this on Google play store.

Price: Free / $1.00

5. Dogotchi

Some features of this game include

  • A simple 8-bit UI
  • A cute little dog to take care of. You give it shots, feed it, play with it, and take care of it.
  • 12 dogs
  • A growing up mechanic
  • Various mini-games
  • Customizable colors.

You will have to unlock more dogs by raising the existing puppies to become adults. This game is completely free although it has ads. You can find this game on Google play store.

Price: Free (with ads)

6. Godville

In this game, your role is like for God. Your subject does all of the work for you, which includes, going for adventures, killing bad guys etc. 

The features of this game include;

  • It’s a Zero Player Game(ZPG) to mean that the game plays itself. You only have to tell it what to do.
  • You can experience RPG adventure without doing it yourself.

The player makes a decision on things for example, what quests to do, what guide to join, build temples etc. It’s a fun game despite you having very little to do. You can get this app on Google play store.

Price: Free

7. Hellopet

This game uses screen overlay function on your phone to give you a little puppy. The pet you choose runs around on your phone all the time. You may see your pet when answering a message or when you scroll down your app drawer.

In this game, you adopt a pet, take care of him and play the mini games. This game has some in-app purchases which can be better. Download this application on Google play store.

Price: Free

8. My Boo

Here, you adopt, raise and train a cute little monster. The players of this game will raise it, feed it, give it attention and customize it. It has quite a number of advertisement but you can pay to remove them. It’s a good experience playing this game. You can download this game on Google play store.

Price: Free

9. My Tamagotchi Forever

Although this game does not look like a classic game, it provides a good pet apps experience.  However, this doesn’t look or act anything. Here, you adopt a Tamagotchi and do the usual things like raising it, feeding it, playing with it and cleaning.

This game has a reality feature that it is quite good. It’s has freemium mechanics because it is a freemium game. This game requires a little patience. You can download this game on Google play store.

Price: Free

10. Dog Run

Dog Run is a runner game which is endless and has a bunch of dogs. You have to avoid obstacles on the road, collect some items and do the usual stuff. Dog run’s features will include;

  • Different levels
  • Unlockable dogs
  • Daily rewards
  • Some other fun stuff.

This game is fun, it’s quite simple, and there are a bunch of dogs. You can get this game on google play store.

Price: Free

11. Dog Simulator

Dog Simulator is a simulation game with plenty of dogs. Here, you run as a dog and collect points. Other features of this game include; 

  • Six levels,
  • Multiple dogs
  • Costumes for your dog
  • Simple controls.

This is a fun and kid friendly game. You can get this app on Google play store. Some reviews on google play store complain about the movement bug. However, it’s not a big deal because you can crash into everything.

Price: Free

12. Dog Town

Dog Town is a simulation game which is more typical. You adopt a dog, train, take care, play with it and watch as they grow up. This game includes some gacha elements just because there are 60 dogs to collect and they can breed. This is a deeper dog game than the others on the list because you can it for a while. There is an occasional loading bug, but it’s nothing major. You can get this game on Google play store.

Price: Free

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