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7 Benefits of Running With Your Dog

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)

Just like humans, dogs will need to stay active to live healthy life. Running with your dog gives a lot of mental and physical health benefits to both you and your dog. Below are some incredible reasons why you should be running with your dog.

1. Physical benefits

Most runners plan their route as well as their work out shortly before or even during their run. Running with your dog, however, requires a little more planning. First, you should know exactly how long your workout will take. Plus, you should consider what surface to run on: you should avoid running on pavement or gravel whenever possible to protect your dog’s paws and joints. You should also look for shady routes when the hot sun is beating down. The best routes are those near a river or a lake.

Running with your dog forces you to plan your workout ahead of time. This way you are constantly aware of how hard and how much you are working your body. You can change and rearrange your workout in advance at any time.

Walking, playing and running are good exercises for dogs. Running is considered a more constant and intense workout for your dog. Dogs will need to burn some energy regularly, although the amount depends on the breed. The physical benefits will include;

  • A stronger heart and lungs for both you and your dog
  • A consistent routine will help maintain a healthy weight range.

2. Mental benefits

Research has shown that an active lifestyle helps to decrease the stress levels and anxiety in humans and also dogs. Active dogs are seen to be living a longer and healthy lives. When dogs are under-stimulated, they become hyper, destructive and sometimes aggressive.

Running exposes the dogs to new places, sounds and smells providing them a good stimulation. It serves as a way to bond with your dog. It is also a great time for your dog to bond with other dogs and humans along the way.

3. Helps in dog training.

Dogs are always going around, sniffing and they don’t like running at the same pace.  Whenever you are running with your dog, most of the times you are forced to react to your dog’s changes in pace. This pushes you to adapt to new changes.

Most dog owners don’t see running time as a great time for training. Running with your dog offers a great opportunity to train your dog about commands and obedience. Jogging for a far distance will help in training your dog to stay on your side. Meeting other dogs and owners while running will help your dog remain focused and ignore the distractions.

The amount of energy he will use during a daily run will contribute to their appropriate behaviour because a tired dog is always a well-behaving dog.

4. Acts as a bodyguard.

While running with your dog, they make very excellent bodyguards. In case they sense any danger, they will anything they can to protect the owners. The presence of a dog is enough to scare away potential threats. In case of an emergency, your dog may be your lifesaver.

Runners always feel safe while running with a dog, especially at night. Dogs tend to stick to running when they have a running partner who is loyal.

5. Provides Motivation

Running with your dog helps you stay highly motivated and excited. If your dog gets used to running, he will be the one dragging you out. Most times we lack motivation to go out. This is where a dog comes in handy because a dog likes to go outside.

One issue with running is a lack of motivation because running can be difficult and boring especially when you are alone or when you have something better to do. However, running with a partner for example your dog reinstates your motivation.

When you include your dog into your routine, your dog also benefits. Dogs love outings and seeing the joy on his face, acts as a motivation to you. Dogs run because they want to and not because they have to. The dog’s love for running is very infectious, it will motivate you to find the joy for going outdoors and enjoying the moment.

6. It Keeps You Both in Shape

Running keeps both you and your dog in shape. It brings a good amount of benefits to both you and your dog. Not only does running help you in keeping fit, it also helps in reducing blood pressure, strengthening your immune system and improving your overall cardiovascular health.

Dogs were born to be active, so a daily run will help to keep their bodies healthy and stronger. Not only does running keep your dog happy and satisfied, but it also lengthens and improves their life.

7. Your Dog is a Great Social Catalyst

In cases where you have gone to a new place and you’re not an outgoing person or you’re are busy with little or no time to socialise, socialising with other people can be difficult. Running with your dog on a daily basis is an easy way to meet people.

Research shows that by simply having a dog walking or running with you in public, can create attention and attract different people. When you come across another person running with their dog, you are both likely to engage in a simple conversation or just wave or nod at each other. The conversation is easier since you both have something in common.


It’s always difficult to resist a run with your dog. The more frequent you two run together, the more she will be waiting to run with you. A research shows that those people who run with their dogs are more likely to stick to their running routine.

If you bring a new dog home, it is easier to calm them by introducing them into a running routine which should be consistent. Your dog will always be ready for a walk. Never concentrate on the challenges of running with a dog, but always enjoy the running time together.

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