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Easy Tips To Clean After Your Dog

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)

It is one of the biggest challenges to keep your home clean when you own a dog! If your household is currently in danger of becoming a fur kingdom, here are some of the most important cleaning tips to keep in mind.

1. Use A Lint Roller (Or Handheld Vacuum)

Lint rollers are essential if you have a dog or a pet in general. Their purpose is to pick up hair from almost any surface. In comparison to a vacuum cleaner, a lint roller is more reasonably priced. It’s also a quick way to pick fur from the house for those unplanned moments where visitors are dropping by. Lint rollers are easy to use and extremely convenient for cleaning up pet fur. Another convenient benefit of using the lint roller, is you can use it on any surface immediately after you are done vacuuming. This will ensure you pick any wandering hairs or dust that were moved but not sucked up by the vacuum.

2. Mask smells with lavender

Dogs can benefit from essential oils just like human beings. Lavender oil is said to soothe the dogs and also helps to keep fleas and ticks away. You should apply often between their shoulder blades.

Furthermore, it’s great for when you are on the go with the dog. Mix 10 drops of lavender oil with some water and put it in a small spray bottle and spray into your car. This will keep your dog calm on distant journeys and also ensure that your car smelling fresh.

3. Quickly clean muddy paws

Dogs tend to trail in unreasonable amounts of dirt and mud when they come in the door after being outside If you want to keep your house clean, you have to prepare how you are going to clean the muddy paws when you come back from the walk. Before you go out, ensure you position a bowl or tray of water and also a large towel by the door. This way, you can wipe off your pup’s paws as soon as she comes in the door rather than spending your time cleaning dirt from your floors. You could also place mats inside and outside of your front door, and also you can train your dog to wait by the door while having their paws wiped. You will not see any paw prints thereafter.

4. Brush Your Pets Regularly

The biggest challenge for dog owners is hair or fur. Although some dog breeds don’t shed or they shed a little, it is important to keep up a strict cleaning schedule. But, what’s more vital is remembering to regularly groom your pet, to be able to decrease the amount of hair around your home. Brushing your dog several times a week can make all the difference and it also can help lessen certain health problems such as constipation and hairballs. Most dogs love being brushed and additionally it makes it excellent bonding time. Ask your vet about the right type of tools for the specific breed and try your best to stick to a regular grooming schedule. This way you get to enjoy a cleaner home.

5. Try the rubber-glove trick

 Put a pair of rubber-glove on, moisten them with water, and then run your hands over the cushions to collect fur. It’s so satisfying to see all the hair that accumulates.

6. Try blotting—not scrubbing

You can scrub pee with a clean towel. This soaks up excess moisture. Dip another clean towel into a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and warm water and dab the area with it. Let it dry. Beware not to get the spot too wet, because that may turn your carpet brown. If the smell is still there and your rug is made of synthetic materials, spray hydrogen peroxide on and rake it with your hand that should be gloved. For a carpet that is made of natural fibres, for example wool or cotton, sprinkle some baking soda over the area after it has dried up. Let it sit overnight, then vacuum up the carpet. You can use the same procedure for poop, but you should not pick it up immediately. Let the mess harden before collecting it.

7. Invest in easy-care throws

If you have anything that’s light-colored, you know how risky it can be to have your dog near it. Easy-care throws provide a simple solution to muddy paw prints on your soft furnishings. Scatter the throws anywhere your dog likes to jump onto like sofas and bed. You can remove them and wash every time they get dirty and your beddings and sofa will not get ruined.

8. Deep-Clean All Pet Collars and Toys

It is easy to forget about cleaning your pet’s toys and collars, but this is a vital step. For instance, collars usually get stinking pretty fast. You can put collars and toys in the dishwasher – this is an easy and fast way to clean most pet items. For a more effective and deep cleaning, it is recommended putting a dog shampoo into a bowl with hot or warm water and letting any collars and toys soak for a minimum of thirty minutes. Once you’re done washing, rinse everything with cold water and let the items dry. This deep cleaning helps both your home and your pet to smell fresh and stay clean.

9. Keeping smells at bay

You can pop a fabric softener sheet into an envelope and keep it under your dog’s bed, sofa or chair cushions where your dog likes to rest to keep the area smelling clean and fresh.

You can also prevent the mess the dog makes so you won’t have so much to tidy up by:

  • Storing everything you might need for outings that is a leash, pick-up bags, paw wipes by or near the door.
  •  Allocate baskets or bins where you can quickly toss the well-chewed balls, bones and other toys. You can also teach your dog to put them away herself.
  •  To avoid food and water bowls from sliding, put them on a rubber mat or a rubberized mesh.

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