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Baby-friendly dog breeds you should buy

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes also different characteristic traits. When you have children, you have to consider a family friendly dog. You have to choose a dog that is most likely to be best friends with an infant or a child. When choosing a dog, you have to consider space, if you have compressed space, consider a small dog who requires less space. Additionally, you have to consider time for training, and giving it constant attention like walking the dog severally a day.

1. Beagles

Beagles can be described as big brown dogs with pleading eyes which are not only adorable, but great additions to the family. They are notoriously relaxed and prefer to take in the smells and sounds rather than go running towards any random squirrel that catches their attention. They also have a gentle disposition, love to play and are pretty adaptable. Beagles are a family dog who do just as well with babies as they do with older children. It is named as one of the best dog breeds for households with a new baby. It is said that most beagles never dislike people even the tiniest humans. Although they follow older children around, they stick with the young ones too. These dogs make loyal, funny, and adorable companions. This kind of dog sounds perfect if you want a happy-go-lucky dog to enjoy adventures with a growing child. 

2. Boston Terrier

This is one of the gentlest breeds and it comes highly recommended. It is a great breed to consider if you want a dog that will become best friends with a baby. These little dogs get along well with kids and they have personalities that are friendly, bright, amusing, and adaptable. Adaptability is an especially handy quality if you want a dog who can easily accommodate to life with a new baby.

3. Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is found to be a loving and entertaining pet, thanks to his affectionate and playful nature. It is reported that this breed gets easily attached to humans and gets along very well with infants. However, its crucial to ensure that your child doesn’t overstimulate the dog. In overall, these breed of dogs make devoted companions to both children and adults. One should also note that these sometimes mischievous dogs often do better with children with an adult supervising. 

4. Bulldog

Bulldogs are reputable for forming close bonds with the kids in their households. They make great companions for older children, babies and toddlers. Though the bull dogs face may indicate some intensity, they are very easygoing. You won’t have to worry about an infant playing with them nonstop. As a matter of fact, they enjoy cuddles and attention so the more play they get the better for them. They also respond well to training, so bulldogs will easily learn to adjust to new family routines. Bulldogs aren’t big on exercise but of course they need to exercise to stay healthy. They are happier to chill out on the couch with you when you’re taking a nap.

5. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

If you want chilled out dog who will happily stay with you on the couch as you feed the baby, you may want to give thought to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is mostly recognized as a breed that gets along well with children. It is characterized as an ideal companion for families with young children. It has been named among one of the gentlest dog which is a major plus when you have a baby around. 

6. Collie

These breed is consistently named the smartest of all dog breeds. They are extremely energetic and charmingly intelligent. They excel at any task they are given. If you manage to keep them stimulated and exercised, they will be happy and very helpful part of your family. Collie is recommended for parents or grandparents with infants in their household. These child-friendly family dogs are characterized as loyal, affectionate and caregivers. Collies can easily adapt to the addition of a new child or grandchild and grow very devoted to their families. It is also reported that Collies respond well to training and this comes handy when you need your dog to adapt to the new rules and routines that come with a new baby. 

7. Golden retriever

These breed is reputable for being the ultimate family dog and one of the best dog breeds for babies. They are characterized as loving, patient, loyal, easy-going, and make great cuddly buddies for little human. Most parents would not choose such a large dog with a new baby at home or on the way.

However, it is noted that small dogs don’t always like the rough petting and occasional tugging that comes along with infant interactions. But with the golden retriever, he deals patiently with infants unintentionally rough play and tolerates small children. The only catch, is that with this breed is that you have to provide him with sufficient exercise since it’s a pretty active dog. 

8. Labrador retriever

This breed tops most people’s lists of the best family dogs. Its named as one of the best dog breeds for households with new babies. They also love to play as much as cuddling, with that they give great companionship for your high-energy little ones. They also love to eat, you ought to be careful with attempting to feed. They are characterized as intelligent and loving dogs and also high-spirited and not afraid to show it. Labrador retrievers love socializing, learning new things, and pleasing their people. These qualities, mainly a desire to please you, can be of benefit when training or working with your dog to be around small children. 

9. Poodle

This is known as a good family dog by most people so it is an obvious candidate. The poodle is one of the most unique-looking and intelligent breeds you’ll find. They’re highly trainable and will quickly understand boundaries and expectations you place on them. Generally, they are pretty easy-going, especially when they’ve been properly exercised and stimulated. Poodles don’t shed at the same rate as other dogs which is helpful if you have allergies.

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